Jonathan Livengood






Unshielded Colliders  

Selected Publications:

"God Knows (But Does God Believe?)," with Dylan Murray and Justin Sytsma, forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.

"Deep Trouble for the Deep Self," with David Rose, Justin Sytsma, and Edouard Machery, forthcoming in Philosophical Psychology.

"Two Types of Typicality: Rethinking the Role of Statistical Typicality in Ordinary Causal Attribution," with Justin Sytsma and David Rose, forthcoming in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science.

"Actual Causation and Simple Voting Scenarios," forthcoming in Nous.

"A New Perspective concerning Experiments on Semantic Intuitions," with Justin Sytsma, in The Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

"Philosophical Temperament," with Justin Sytsma, Adam Feltz, Richard Scheines, and Edouard Machery, in Philosophical Psychology.

"Why Was M.S. Tswett's Chromatographic Adsorption Analysis Rejected?" Studies in History and Philosophy of Science (2009) 40, 57-69.

"The Folk Probably Don't Think What You Think They Think: Experiments on Causation by Absence," with Edouard Machery in Midwest Studies in Philosophy (2007) 31, 107-127.